[February 8, 2017] Rolando Del Maestro speaks at the Harvey Club of London


[October 26, 2016] Pam and Rolando Del Maestro William Osler Medical Students Essay Awards

Come hear the presentations by the three finalists of the Pam and Rolando Del Maestro William Osler Medical Students Essay Awards

  • Maria Moustaqim-Barrette – “Contrarian Contraception: Radical Feminism and The Birth Control Handbook in late 1960s Montréal” (Mentor: Professor George Weisz)
  • Yi Tang – “The Antipsyhiatry Movement of the 1960s and its influence on the Mental Health Care Model in the United States” (Menor: Professor David Wright)
  • Sunny Wei – “Neonatal Anesthesia: The Origins of the Controversy” (Mentor: Professor Thomas Schlich)

When: 11:30 – 1:00, Wednesday October 26
Where: Jonathan C. Meakins Auditorium, Room 521, McInture Medical Building 5th floor, 3655 Promenade Sir William Osler
The essays can be read on the Osler Library website.

Refreshments will be served.



[October 12, 2016] Mini-Symposium on Neurosurgical Simulation

[September 10, 2016] Canadian Neurosurgical Innovation Meeting, Toronto

Dr. Del Maestro will be giving a lecture on “Application of virtual reality to enhance the removal of intrinsic brain tumors”.

[Link to schedule]


[June 10, 2016] 17th Biennial Canadian Neuro-Oncology Meeting

Dr. Del Maestro will be giving a lecture on “The history of neuro-oncology: Canadian savoir faire” outlining Canadian contributions to the field and describing future areas of Canadian expertise.

[Link to schedule]


[April 28, 2016] McGill Simulation Research Roundtable

Researchers and educators in the simulation at McGill University met together to discuss potential projects and collaborations in medical simulation.

Great ideas from the simulation research roundtable organized by @docaggarwal at @McGillU‘s Steinberg Sim Centre



[April 9, 2016] DiGiovanni Foundation 12th Annual Fundraiser

Congratulations Lina di Giovanni and Committee for organizing a great 12th Gala Event supporting simulation research

[April 3, 2016] Valtarese Foundation, New York

Rolando Del Maestro and Aldo Guardoli receiving the ‘Men of the Year’ awards from Valtarese Foundation of New York

[March 22, 2016] Visit from Hôpital Foch, Paris

Dr. Stéphan Gaillard and Eléa Canipelle from Hôpital Foch visited the neurosim lab to learn about our ongoing studies.



[March 18, 2016] Lecture at at Bogota Mederi Neuro-Oncology Conference, Colombia




[March 15, 2016] Lecture at Universidad de Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia





[January 29, 2016] School of Computer Science Colloquium

Location: McConnell 12

Time: 14:30 – 15:30


Speaker: Robert DiRaddo

Affiliation: NRC


An overview of NRC work in interactive simulation will be presented. Interactive simulation allows for a user to interact with a virtual reality scene, with the objective of skills training, mission rehearsal or device design/usability. In this context, NRC has developed, NeuroTouch, an interactive simulator for training of neurosurgical skills that is currently used in over 15 teaching hospitals worldwide. NeuroTouch was developed on a reliance of unique expertise in software development, human-machine interactivity and biomechanical models. A research methodology that relies on integrating an early-adopter group of users into the development process was implemented.  Further to this, NRC has leveraged this work to address other industry-driven needs in interactive simulation.  For example, we are developing simulation capabilities for drone flight, as well as simulation capabilities for remediation of mental health and motor skills.

Biography of Speaker

Robert currently leads the Simulation and Digital Health Group at NRC. During his time at NRC he initiated and led large-scale initiatives in surgical skills simulation as well as in simulation of the design of automotive fuel tanks. Prior to coming to NRC he worked in the petrochemical sector, starting-up a compounding plant. Robert is a Montreal native and a graduate of McGill Engineering.

[December 2, 2015] Friends of the Libray – Annual General Meeting


The Friend of the Year Award will be presented to Dr. Rolando Del Maestro, MD, PhD, FRCS(C), FACS, DABNS, Chariman, Steering Committee at the Osler Library of the History of Medicine.



[October 20, 2015] Brazilian Delegation Visit of the Neurosim Lab

Sr. Monique Bourget (medical director) and Dr. Maria Sheila Rocha (neurologist) from hospital Santa Marcelina in Sao Paolo visited the NeuroSim centre and McGill’s medical facilities.

[Link to schedule]

From left to right: Dr. Rolando Del Maestro, Dr. Maria Sheila Rocha, Sr. Monique Bourget, Dr. Abdulgadir Bugdadi Sr. Monique Bourget trying the subpial resection scenario on the NeuroTouch system



[October 17, 2015] Brain Tumour Info Days (London, ON)

[Link to schedule]



[October 16, 2015] Brain Tumour Health Care Professional’s Symposium (London, ON)

[Link to schedule]




[September 28, 2015] NeuroTouch R&D Early Adopter Group – 6th Meeting (New Orleans)

Dr. Del Maestro and members from the NRC presented recent developments in the NeuroTouch system at the 2015 Congress of Neurological Surgeons.

[Link to schedule]

Dr. Rolando Del Maestro and Dr. Alex Winkler-Schwartz. Dr. Alex Winkler-Schwartz presenting his poster on neurosurgical resident applicants study using NeuroTouch simulator.


[September 7, 2015] World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies Meeting (Rome, Italy)

Dr. Del Maestro gave a talk on High-Tech Simulation and the History of Neurosurgery.

[Link to schedule]



[September 4, 2015] AO Foundation Visit of the Neurosim Lab and the NRC

The AO Foundation visited the Neurosurgical Simulation Research and Training Centre followed by a tour of the National Research Council of Canada labs to learn more about the NeuroTouch system and its use in research and education.

[Link to schedule]




[July 3, 2015] 14th International Meeting on Updates in Neuro-oncology (Cortana, Italy)

Dr. Rolando Del Maestro attended the 14th International Meeting on Updates in Neuro-oncology in Cortana (AR), Italy and gave a presentation on NeuroTouch.



[June 19, 2015] William Feindel Lecture

Members of the NeuroSim Centre team, Alexander Winkler-Schwartz, Khalid Bajunaid, and Ibrahim Marwa presented on Feindel day at the Montreal Neurological Institute. Below is the schedule of the presentations for that day.



[June 8, 2015] Visit to the Neurosurgical Simulation Centre from Hong Kong

Dr. George Wong, Professor of Neurosurgery at the Chinese University of Hong Kong visited the lab on June 8th, 2015 to learn about the NeuroTouch and our current projects.



Montreal Spring Sprint 2015 for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

“Join the movement to end brain tumours with Sprint Sprint and Brain Tumour Walks”



Amy Haddlesey, a visiting summer student at the Neurosurgical Simulation Centre, with friend Kitty Lana Carr both volunteered at the sprint.



[April 26-29, 2015] American Osler Society at the 45th Annual Meeting

Dr. Rolando Del Maestro, Chairperson of the Standing Committee of the Osler Library, had the honour to receive the John P. McGovern Award Lectureship by the American Osler Society at the 45th Annual Meeting hld in Baltimore from April 26th to April 29th, 2015. It is a special honour as he was the first winner of the award from McGill and one of only a few from Canada to receive this distinction. His lecture, entitled “Leonardo da Vinci and the Search for the Soul” was given on Monday April 27th and focused on both historical and present concepts related to neurological cognitive integration.

Dr. Del Maestro giving the John P. McGovern Award Lecture
at the American Osler Society Meeting in Baltimore on April 27th.



[March 28, 2015] The 11th Annual Social Night Fundraiser

Franco Di Giovanni Foundation fundraiser for Neurosurgical Simulation Research Centre.




[February 21, 2015] CEGEP/High School student visit to the Neurosurgical Simulation Centre

On February 21st, about 20 CEGEP and High School students visited the Neurosurgical Simulation Research Centre.



[November 7-8, 2014] The Neurosurgical Simulation Research Centre Group Presentation at L’association de neurochirurgie du Québec (ANCQ)




[August 21, 2014] Visit by Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal

Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal, Associate Professor of Surgery, Director of the McGill University Arnold & Blema Steinberg Medical Simulation Centre, visited the lab on Thursday August 21st.

From left to right: Sarah McAdam, Dr. Roy Dudley, Dr. Del Maestro, Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal, Dr. Alexander Winkler-Schwartz, and Marta Baggiani)



[August 17, 2014] Visit by Dr. Safin Shamil from the Republic of Bashkortostan

On Sunday and Monday, the lab was visited by Dr. Shamil, Chief of the Republic Neurosurgical Centre, Professor and Chief neurosurgeon of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Dr. Shamil is interested in developping NeuroTouch technology for the training of neurosurgical residents throughout Russia.

From left to right: Marta Baggiani, Sarah McAdam, Dr. Shamil, Dr. Del Maestro
Dr. Del Maestro presented Dr. Shamil with a copy of his book: “A History of Neuro-oncology”



We Congratulate Dr. Gmaan Alzhrani for his graduation


Dr. Alzhrani has earned his Master degree in Educational Psychology. His important contribution was developing benchmarks for neurosurgical simulation.



[April 14, 2014] 8th Saudi Association of Neurological Surgery (SANS) meeting


[Link to website]
[Link to agenda]


Picture of the first winner of the SANS NeuroTouch resident competition.
From left to right: Dr. Alzhrani, Dr. Del Maestro, Dr. Sabbagh, and Eng. Mr. Laroche (Senior research officer, Medical Devices, National Research Council of Canada) Dr. Sabbagh and Eng. Mr. Laroche explaining the temporal lobe scenario developped by Dr. Sabbagh in collaboration with the NRC team.
Eng. Mr. Laroche presenting the NeuroTouch station at a SANS workshop. Eng. Mr. Laroche with Ali Al-Shamrani (medical student involved in the NeuroTouch station organization).



[September 25, 2013] Simulation Symposion


[Link to agenda]



[April 6, 2013] The Franco Di Giovanni Foundation Gala


Dr. and Mrs. Del Maestro had a great time at the 9th Annual Gala of the Franco Di Giovanni Foundation. The event was sold out, as usual, with over 200 people attending. The funds raised at the event went to support research carried out at the Neurosurgical Simulation Research Centre. We would like to give special thanks to Lina Di Giovanni and all members of the committee for their continued support. We would also like to thank the Montreal English School Board and Mr. Televe for their support.



[July 18, 2012] Visit by neurosurgeons from C. Besta


From left to right: Captain Alfonso Piro, Professor Francesco DiMeco (Director, Department of Neurological Surgery, Chairman, Division of Neurosurgery I, via Celoria 11, 20133, Milan, Italy), Dr. Rolando Del Maestro, and Dr. Alessandro Perin from C. Besta.



[May 7, 2012] Visit by the Luxembourg delegation



[April 14-18, 2012] 80th AANS Annual Meeting, Miami



[April 4, 2012] Mount Sinai Symposium on Neurosurgical Simulation


[Link to agenda]


From left to right: Dr. James Rutka, Dr. Rolando Del Maestro, Dr. Robert DiRaddo, and Dr. Joshua Bederson




[December 9, 2011] Korean delegation visit






[December 6, 2011] Parliamentary Breakfast to learn about Canadian Research and Technology, Ottawa




[October 13-15, 2011] Neurosurgical Simulation Curriculum, Halifax


The meeting was held to identify the opportunities and challenges in integrating simulation schemes in the resident training curriculum.




[April 2011] Dr. DiRaddo’s Special Lecture on NeuroTouch at AANS, Denver CO



[September 2010] Inauguration of the Neurosurgical Simulation Centre by Minister Goodyear





[April 2010] Dr. DiRaddo’s Lecture at SAGES