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[Janury 18, 2016] CAE Healthcare partners with National Research Council of Canada to launch NeuroVR


Product page and NeuroVR brochure.

From the press release:

CAE Healthcare announced today the launch of NeuroVR, a neurosurgery simulator that offers the world’s most realistic training environment for open cranial and endoscopic brain surgery procedures.

Developed by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) in collaboration with clinicians from teaching hospitals in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia, the simulator is currently in use at 15 sites and has been validated in published clinical studies.


Through licensing and development agreements, CAE Healthcare has been granted exclusive rights by NRC to sell and distribute the simulator, and will collaborate with NRC to develop additional training modules within the neurosurgery field.

“The National Research Council’s in-depth knowledge of virtual reality technology for medical simulation is unparalleled, and it has developed a best-in-class simulator for neurosurgery,” said Dr. Robert Amyot, president of CAE Healthcare.  “The simulator has already been tested and validated by leading institutions, and it’s now being used to develop objective assessment metrics for neurosurgeons. We are proud to collaborate with NRC to advance the field of simulation-based education in healthcare and ultimately improve patient safety.


“This collaboration with CAE Healthcare is the beginning of a great partnership where innovative medical simulation technologies assist health professionals in developing their skills,” said Roman Szumski, Vice President of Life Sciences at the National Research Council of Canada.

The National Research Council initiated the NeuroTouch (now known as NeuroVR) research project in collaboration with teaching hospitals throughout Canada in 2008, including founding members McGill University Health Centre and the University of Toronto Health Network.



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[June 19, 2014] Dr. William Feindel Memorial

Dr. Feindel was an irrepressible believer in innovation and had a particular interest in the simulation research being carried out at the Neurosurgical Simulation Research and Training Centre

Dr. Del Maestro providing his remembrances related to Dr. Feindel’s love of books
Mrs. Faith Feindel accepting a special Curator’s Medal
from the Osler Library of the History of Medicine
Speakers and Feindel family members.



[June 20, 2013] LiveScience: Virtual Reality Could Hone Brain Surgery Skills

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The Comprehensive Textbook of Healthcare Simulation

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“Additionally, NeuroTouch approximates a true
OR setting better than any other system now in use.”
“All these components make the NeuroTouch simulation
system the most realistic system available at this time.”



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