NeuroTouch Cranio

NeuroTouch Cranio simulates select cranial microsurgery. It uses sterovision and bimanual tool handles with force feedback, including aspirator, CUSA and bipolar. The simulation scenarios include tumour debulking, hemostasis, and microdissection.

Neurosurgical Simulation Centre, Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital


Video accompanying the paper
Assessing performance in brain tumor resection
using a novel virtual reality simulator

NeuroTouch Endo

NeuroTouch Endo simulates endovascular transnasal procedures. It allows manipulating an endoscope using a force feedback handle and generates realistic endoscopic views, such as lens distortion effects, blurring and rinsing, as well as tissue deformation. The training scenario allows to navigate with an endoscope inside a nasal cavity to find the ostium of the sphenoid sinus.

NeuroTouch ETV

NeuroTouch ETV simulates Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy. It allows navigation through first and third ventricles to select a target perforation site on the floor of the third ventricle.