Application of artificial intelligence to the diagnosis and therapy of colorectal cancer

Yutong Wang, Xiaoyun He, Hui Nie, Jianhua Zhou, Pengfei Cao, and Chunlin Ou

American Journal of Cancer Research 2020; 10(11): 3575–3598.

PMCID: PMC7716173


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a relatively new branch of computer science involving many disciplines and technologies, including robotics, speech recognition, natural language and image recognition or processing, and machine learning. Recently, AI has been widely applied in the medical field. The effective combination of AI and big data can provide convenient and efficient medical services for patients. Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a common type of gastrointestinal cancer. The early diagnosis and treatment of CRC are key factors affecting its prognosis. This review summarizes the research progress and clinical application value of AI in the investigation, early diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of CRC, to provide a comprehensive theoretical basis for AI as a promising diagnostic and treatment tool for CRC.