Artificial Intelligence developments in medical education: a conceptual and practical framework

Ken Masters

MedEdPublish 9, [1], 239 – October 26 2020



As Artificial Intelligence (AI) develops in medicine, there is a greater awareness that medical education may also benefit from AI. Many AI projects are already underway, and many more are still to come. Most medical education administrators and educators are aware of AI, but are not necessarily familiar enough with it to understand the areas of possible application in both using AI in medical education, and also in the content areas that need to be raised with their students. As such, they are at a disadvantage of not understanding the current lie of the land, and are at an even greater disadvantage of not being able to influence and guide future AI projects. This paper attempts to provide an AI conceptual and practical framework for medical education administrators and educators, so that they may have a clearer understanding of the current situation, and may be better placed to guide future AI developments to meet their needs in medical education.