Assessing performance of augmented reality-based neurosurgical training

Wei-Xin Si, Xiang-Yun Liao, Yin-Ling Qian, Hai-Tao Sun, Xiang-Dong Chen, Qiong Wang, Pheng Ann Hen

Visual Computing for Industry, Biomedicine, and Art, First Online: 03 July 2019

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This paper presents a novel augmented reality (AR)-based neurosurgical training simulator which provides a very natural way for surgeons to learn neurosurgical skills. Surgical simulation with bimanual haptic interaction is integrated in this work to provide a simulated environment for users to achieve holographic guidance for pre-operative training. To achieve the AR guidance, the simulator should precisely overlay the 3D anatomical information of the hidden target organs in the patients in real surgery. In this regard, the patient-specific anatomy structures are reconstructed from segmented brain magnetic resonance imaging. We propose a registration method for precise mapping of the virtual and real information. In addition, the simulator provides bimanual haptic interaction in a holographic environment to mimic real brain tumor resection. In this study, we conduct AR-based guidance validation and a user study on the developed simulator, which demonstrate the high accuracy of our AR-based neurosurgery simulator, as well as the AR guidance mode’s potential to improve neurosurgery by simplifying the operation, reducing the difficulty of the operation, shortening the operation time, and increasing the precision of the operation.