How Wearable Technology Can Facilitate AI Analysis of Surgical Videos

Pugh, Carla M; Ghazi, Ahmed; Stefanidis, Dimitrios; Schwaitzberg, Steven D; Martino, Martin A; Levy, Jeffrey S.

Annals of Surgery: December 2020 – Volume 1 – Issue 2 – p e011
DOI: 10.1097/AS9.0000000000000011 [Link]


Operative video has great potential to enable instant replays of critical surgical decisions for training and quality review. Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) has shown early promise as a method of enabling efficient video review, analysis, and segmentation. Despite the progress with AI analysis of surgical videos, more work needs to be done to improve the accuracy and efficiency of AI-driven video analysis. At a recent consensus conference held on July 10–11, 2020, 8 research teams shared their work using AI for surgical video analysis. Four of the teams showcased the utility of wearable technology in providing objective surgical metrics. Data from these technologies were shown to pinpoint important cognitive and motor actions during operative tasks and procedures. The results support the utility of wearable technology to facilitate efficient and accurate video analysis and segmentation.