Fabrication of the Brain Model with Soft Material for a Medical Simulator

Naoyuki Otani,  Akihiko Ichikawa, Aki Hasegawa, Dai Takeuchi,  Kim Unge, Toshio Fukuda. Published online: June 5th, 2018. DOI: 10.1299/jsmermd.2018.1P1-K02

In this paper, we develop a brain model to be incorporated into a surgical simulator for training of brain surgery operation. In order to mimic the physical properties of the actual human brain, a brain model made of polyurethane gel imitating the shape of the brain was prepared. In order to select materials close to the brain, dynamic viscoelasticity test was conducted to compare the viscoelasticity distribution of porcine brain, urethane gel, urethane gel and salt compound. As a result, it showed that the viscoelasticity distribution of urethane gel with salt concentration of 10% is closest to porcine brain.