Narrative Review and Evidence Mapping of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Care

Federico Girosi, Sean Mann, Vishnupriya Kareddy

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute; February 2021.

Project Summary  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in health care has a wide range of applications related to medical imaging. However, the application of AI in areas other than medical imaging is still in early stages. To understand the landscape of applications of AI in health care, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) commissioned a narrative review of AI applications in general health areas and evidence mapping of application of AI in nine specific types of health conditions: cancer, cerebrovascular, cardiovascular, dementia, diabetes, kidney disease, mental health, respiratory, and substance use disorder. The purpose of this report is to examine the evidence currently supporting approved AI applications in the United States, and additional AI applications in these medical fields that may be available in the near term.

The narrative review section of this report focuses on different AI applications in broader healthcare conditions. The evidence mapping section, through systematic search and selection, interactively maps the evidence currently supporting AI applications for nine specific health conditions.