Dr. Gmaan Al-Zhrani MD

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Co-Supervised with Dr. Susanne Lajoie
Department of Educational Psychology, McGill

Neurosurgery Resident, McGill University
MA. Department of Educational Psychology, McGill University (June 2014)

THESISA Validation Study of a Virtual-Reality Neurosimulator (NeuroTouch) in Neurosurgical Training
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Special interest in studying Neurosurgical expertise and measuring surgical skills objectively. Developed benchmarks for a set of novel metrics based on a group of board certified neurosurgeons performance during simulated brain tumor resections using the NeuroTouch. This research can be used to shift the neurosurgery training program from a competency-based model into a a proficiency-based model for the purpose of faster neurosurgical skills aquisition and maintenance.

Papers Published:
Virtual Reality Tumor Resection: The Force Pyramid Approach
Robin Sawaya, B.Sc. Abdulgadir Bugdadi, MD. Hamed Azarnoush, PhD. Alexander Winkler-Schwartz, MD. Fahad Eid Alotaibi, MD. MSc Khalid Bajunaid, MD, MSc. Gmaan AlZhrani, MD, et al.
Journal of Operative Neurosurgery, 2017

Automaticity of Force Application during Simulated Brain Tumor Resection: Testing the Fitts and Posner Model
Bugdadi A, Sawaya R, Olwi D, Al-Zhrani G, et al.
Journal of Surgical Education, 2017

The Force Pyramid: A Spatial Analysis of Force Application During Virtual Reality Brain Tumour Resection
Hamed Azarnoush, Samaneh Siar, BSc, Robin Sawaya, BSc, Gmaan Al Zhrani, MD., et al.
Journal of Neurosurgery, 2016

Impact of Acute Stress on Psychomotor Bimanual Performance during Simulated Tumor Resection Task
Khalid Bajunaid, MD, MSc, Muhammad Abu Shadeque Mullah, MSc, Alexander Winkler-Schwartz, MD, Fahad E. Alotaibi, MD, MSc, Jawad Fares, BSc, Marta Baggiani, Hamed Azarnoush, PhD, Sommer Christie, BSc, MHK, Gmaan Al-Zhrani, MD., et al.
Journal of Neurosurgery, 2017

Bimanual Psychomotor Performance in Neurosurgical Resident Applicants Assessed Using NeuroTouch, a Virtual Reality Simulator
Alexander Winkler-Schwartz, Khalid Bajunaid, Muhammad A.S Mullah, Ibrahim Marwa, Fahad Alotaibi, MSc, Jawad Fares, Marta Baggiani, Hamed Azarnoush, Gmaan Al Zharni, et al.
Journal of Surgical Education, 2016

Assessing Neurosurgical Psychomotor Performance: Role of Virtual Reality Simulators, Current and Future Potential
Fahad E. AlOtaibi, Gmaan Al Zhrani et al.
SOJ Neurology, 2015

Neurosurgical Assessment of Metrics Including Judgement and Dexterity (NAJD) Using the Virtual Reality Simulator NeuroTouch
Alotaibi, F.E., AlZhrani, G., et al.
Surgical Innovation, 2015

Assessing bimanual performance in brain tumor resection withNeuroTouch, a virtual reality simulator
Alotaibi, F. E., AlZhrani, G. A, et al.
Operative Neurosurgery, 2015

Proficiency Performance Benchmarks for Removal of Simulated Brain Tumors using NeuroTouch a Virtual Reality Simulator
Gmaan AlZhrani, MD., et al.
Journal of Surgical Education, 2015

Neurosurgical virtual reality simulation metrics to assess psychomotor skills in the resection of intracranial tumor
Hamed Azarnoush, Gmaan Alzhrani, et al.
International Journal of Computer-Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 2015