Jawad Fares


Summers 2013 & 2014

Note to Medical Students 2013
“I (…) had the opportunity to practice my psychomotor and surgical skills on the neurosurgical simulation machines and prototypes; I practiced daily! (…) My stay here in the center exceeded my expectations as I was warmly welcomed and professionally guided.” [full PDF]

Note to Medical Students 2014
“I (…) shadowed renowned pediatric neurosurgeons [who] wrote me resounding recommendations to boost my future career (…) NeuroSim helped me develop my leadership qualities, my research techniques, and my psychomotor skills.” [full PDF]

Fares, Jawad. Fares, Youssef. “Neurosurgery in Lebanon: History, Development and Future Challenges” World Neurosurgery, vol. 99, 2017, pp. 524-532. [PDF]

Impact of Acute Stress on Psychomotor Bimanual Performance during Simulated Tumor Resection Task
Journal of Neurosurgery, 2017
Khalid Bajunaid, MD, MSc, Muhammad Abu Shadeque Mullah, MSc, Alexander Winkler-Schwartz, MD, Fahad E. Alotaibi, MD, MSc, Jawad Fares, BSc et al.

Bimanual Psychomotor Performance in Neurosurgical Resident Applicants Assessed Using NeuroTouch, a Virtual Reality Simulator
Journal of Surgical Education, 2016
Alexander Winkler-Schwartz, Khalid Bajunaid, Muhammad A.S Mullah, Ibrahim Marwa, Fahad Alotaibi, MSc, Jawad Fares

Neurosurgical virtual reality simulation metrics to assess psychomotor skills in the resection of intracranial tumor
International Journal of Computer-Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 2015
Hamed Azarnoush, Gmaan Alzhrani, Alexander Winkler-Schwartz, Fahad Alotaibi, Nicholas Gelinas-Phaneuf, Valérie Pazos, Nusrat Choudhury, Jawad Fares et al.