The Evolving Importance of Artificial Intelligence and Radiology in Medical Trainee Education

Chanel Fischetti, Param Bhatter, Emily Frisch, Amreet Sidhu, Mohammad Helmy, Matt Lungren, Erik Duhaime

Academic Radiology, May 2021.
DOI: 10.1016/j.acra.2021.03.023


Radiology education is understood to be an important component of medical school and resident training, yet lacks a standardization of instruction. The lack of uniformity in both how radiology is taught and learned has afforded opportunities for new technologies to intervene. Now with the integration of artificial intelligence within medicine, it is likely that the current medical trainee curricula will experience the impact it has to offer both for education and medical practice. In this paper, we seek to investigate the landscape of radiologic education within the current medical trainee curricula, and also to understand how artificial intelligence may potentially impact the current and future radiologic education model.